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Kitchen Garden


The Frost family have always been great lovers of good food and fine wines (although you wouldn’t know it to look at us…particularly the boss…)  For all that, I don’t think we could have appreciated the journey we would take when we bought this well established deli, off licence and coffee shop in 2006.  The products we have discovered at the trade shows and those our customers have brought to our attention, and the people we have met along the way, the lives we have touched and those people who have touched ours, our long standing customers and our new ones.  


At the helm we have Rose (who predates us in Kitchen Garden lore) and who runs a tight ship in the kitchen, coffee shop and out front in the deli.  We seem to attract great staff, with a loyalty to us, a commitment to great customer service and an enthusiasm for all things unusual and interesting.


Our suppliers are amazing…they continue to create new, innovative and quirky products, which just seem to work.  Who would have thought that marmalade whisky would work?  It does, it tastes amazing…and we now sell it.  And when the supermarkets get hold of the very best products, we know our suppliers will come up with something even more bizarre and tasty and we will take it on and bring it to the deli.


The ethos in the coffee shop is somewhat simpler…Good, fresh, homemade food, combined with the best coffee and an ambiance that can’t be matched.  

Our deli staff

Deli staff and Cheese Counter